Completed in an autobiographical format, Sass Jordan recounts her history through song and an interesting account of her personal experiences in the music industry. It was a great way to spend an evening.

One of her first stories was a delineation of her experience when Gene Simmons (of Kiss) who got her 1st class tickets to Los Angeles from Montreal in the hopes of managing Sass’ emerging career in the music industry. As it turned out, she abandoned Mr. Simmons, but remained in Los Angeles, more or less.

In 1992, the album Racine was produced in Hollywood, California.

Sass Jordan

Sass Jordan. NAC, Ottawa, 2017. Photo by Dale Sinclair

As always, the NAC Studio provided a very intimate experience between the crowd and performer. From an attendee’s perspective, this is one of the best venues in Ottawa – small theatre, small crowd, never a bad seat and top notch performers.

From a photographer’s point of view …not so good for lighting, but that’s my problem. Not yours.

Sass Jordan

Sass Jordan. NAC, Ottawa, 2017. Photo by Dale Sinclair

Sass continued her performance mixed with different personal experiences and stories that often pointed to the creation of each song that was, in turn, performed by Sass and the band. This included “If you’re Gonna Love Me”, “Where There’s a Will”, Cry Baby”, “Time Flies” and of course, “I Wanna Believe”.

Shortly after the 25 minute intermission Sass did a round table with the rest of the band and asked them what they were doing in 1992 (when Racine was produced). Two of them were touring with other bands – Rudy Sarzo (bass) and Derek Sharp (guitars), Brent Fitz (percussion) was working on getting out of high school and Chris Caddell (guitars) was dreaming of being a hockey star at eleven years of age.

Sass Jordan

Chris Caddell Touring with Sass Jordan. NAC, Ottawa, 2017. Photo by Dale Sinclair

Right through to the end of the encore Sass was absolutely filling the theatre with her unique raspy, bassy voice. For the encore, Sass performed “Mobile Again” and finished with a homage to Tom Petty who recently passed only a few weeks prior to the performance – “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”.

Sass Jordan still has a number of dates left on this all Canadian tour including London, Abbotsford, St. John’s, and Montreal. Not to be missed.

You can find more Sass Jordan on her website and facebook.

by Dale Sinclair –