Kingston area hip hop performers Keaton and S-Cape Artist took turns stealing the show last Thursday night in Kingston at The Mansion. I know this because I was lucky enough to spend the evening with them, as they and local Brockville band Our Forgotten Memories supported my band Project Mantra at our Kingston CD Release Party.


First up was Keaton, whose punchy style and cadence was only matched by his confidence and ferocious delivery.

S-Cape Artist & Keaton

S-Cape Artist & Keaton

S-Cape Artist brought a very different feel to his performance, relying less on pre-existing backing tracks, and focusing more on pure musicianship, intricately strumming an acoustic guitar. S-Cape’s songs are very soulful and heavily blues oriented, offering a tender mix between Sublime, The Black Keys and Everlast. The performance was smooth and professional.

Both performers have and continue to impress me as songwriters and showmen. If you are looking for hip hop and you are in the Kingston area, be sure to check your local entertainment listings, and take in a show.

The Mansion’s “Living Room” performance space is one of, if not the best underground music venue in all of Kingston. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is unmatched.