For years now, Ottawa has been missing a bar where the heavy metal lovers can get together and enjoy delicious food while listening to their favourite tunes, but the wait is finally over!

The metal bar The Koven opened its doors unofficially at 93 Murray Street two weeks ago, and will be having their grand opening tonight.

The owner Mehdi Galehdar. Photo by Laura Collins.

The owner Mehdi Galehdar who has been in business for eleven years and previously owned a metal burger bar La Kabane on the Gatineau side, says the idea initially started from his love for metal music and hospitality industry, and he figured why not to combine those two. Over the years now closed La Kaban was very active in the local metal scene supporting bands and venues, and Galehdar says The Koven will be continuing on the same path.

Galehdar is looking forward to working with local promoters and metal bands coming through Ottawa, and putting together VIP packages for fans who want to meet and greet, and have dinner with their idols and take professional photos taken with them.

The Koven. Photo by Laura Collins.

The Koven will be playing a mix of all sub-genres of metal music throughout the day, playing more mainstream metal during the daytime and lunch hour, and heavier stuff at nights. The bar will also introduce theme nights of 80’s metal or Scandinavian bands only.

Galehdar says he wants to cater everyone and all different budgets. The poutines and burgers are unique in terms the ingredients, and the kitchen is introducing the Belgian “machine gun” to Ottawan’s, especially effective for hangover cure.

Some of the customer favourites so far has been the Chaotic Cthulhu, which is The Koven’s signature creation. It is a pound of ground beef stuffed with curds, bacon in two grilled cheese sandwiches instead of the bun. The bar also has burgers and other sandwiches named after bands and fallen angels such as Behemoth, Kreator, Pazuzu, The Agonist, Slayer, to name a few.

Galehdar says it is important to him to support local breweries, so the bar only carries local beers such as Stray Dog, Dominion City, Beau’s and Beyond the Pale.

The Koven is open seven days a week, from 11.30am until 2am. Tonight’s opening is bound to be a hit, so make sure to go get your seat early!

More information on the bar can be found here.

By Laura Collins.

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