Last night Toronto’s Legendary Horseshoe Tavern played host to A Primitive Evolution, Secret Broadcast and headliner, Die Mannequin. It was a packed house and trust me, nobody went home disappointed. From the first note to the last, the energy level was high and the fans were all in.

A Primitive Evolution started things off and while I can’t tell you what they played, I can tell you that I came home and bought their latest album “The Prize”. With Brett Carruthers on vocals and guitar, Steph Seki on bass and vocals and Stu Dead on drums and percussion these guys mesmerized me. Sharing vocals Brett and Steph have a great dynamic. Stu isn’t just keeping the beat in the back, there’s some serious musicianship going on here.

A Primitive Evolution The Horseshoe

It’s alternative, its rock, it’s whatever you want to call it. It made me happy and I had trouble standing still to shoot photos of this super photogenic trio. This was my first time but it certainly won’t be my last.

A Primitive Evolution The Horseshoe

A Primitive Evolution The Horseshoe

A Primitive Evolution The Horseshoe

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We barely skipped a beat, it was one band off and another band on. Secret Broadcast hit the stage and they were on. There was no warming up, they were ready to go and so was the crowd. Secret Broadcast is Matt Lightstone on guitar and vocals, Keith Heppler on drums, Will Bennet on guitar and Curtis Harding on bass.

Secret Broadcast The Horseshoe

They’re crowd pleasers and when Matt jumped down into the audience, all bets were off. The crowd was all over him. He did manage to crawl back onto the stage and finish. If you haven’t heard them, you should give them a listen. I love the tone of Matt’s voice and I love when musicians bounce. If you’re looking for something to start with I’d recommend “More Than Friends

Matt Lightstone Secret Broadcast The Horseshoe

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And now let’s talk about Care Failure and Die Mannequin. I’ve been a fan since the “Unicorn Steak” album and I was pretty excited to be standing in the first row with my camera. I have to say, they did not disappoint. As they hit the stage the crowd surged forward and the moshing started. They would not be contained.  I managed to hold my ground for about 5 songs, I was right at the front in the middle. I headed to the side and then worked my way through the crowd to the back.

Die Mannequin Horseshoe Tavern

The new album “Neon Zero” has been out since October of last year and they played from the new album as well as old favourites including “Do It Or Die”. They also did a pretty awesome rendition of “Fresh Prince”, it was an up close and personal, high energy show.

Die Mannequin The Horseshoe

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