Autumn Hill

It may seem like an unlikely pairing, Autumn Hill with Rick Springfield but it worked. I wouldn’t necessarily expect these two audiences to cross over but it didn’t really seem like anyone left when Autumn Hill finished their set. And for me, it was a fantastic pairing. Thanks to the person at the CNE who’s responsible for this lineup!

Autumn Hill CNE 2015

Autumn Hill took the stage with giant smiles on their faces. A hometown show at the CNE, not their biggest audience ever, but clearly one that meant a lot to them. The crowd included friends and family, and there’s always something special about that.Autumn Hill Tareya Green CNE 2015 Autumn Hill Mike Robins CNE 2015

We were treated to an acoustic set filled with hits from their first album “Favourite Mistake”, songs from the new release “Anchor”, including their huge hit “Blame”, and a fun cover medley. It was a short set but brimming with energy and emotionAutumn Hill CNE 2015 Autumn Hill CNE 2015 Autumn Hill Tareya Green CNE 2015

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Rick Springfield

We got a 30 minute break between sets and the crowd continued to grow during that time. Rick Springfield is touring to support his current album “Songs for the End of the World”, a new record coming out in January, “Rocket Science”, and he has a new movie out, “Ricki and the Flash” starring Meryl Streep. He’s been busy!

Rick Springfield CNE 2015

I spent the day listening to all the Rick Springfield I could find and I was happily surprised to see that there was a lot! I loved everything about this show. I loved the music I knew, the stuff from the new album, the way he sounded, the way he looked, and the way he interacted with the crowd. Rick opened the show with a fantastic video package that reminded us all why we were here. The crowd was on their feet and singing along all night and when asked to sing along, they did just that.Rick Springfield CNE 2015

Sporting a Ramones Tee and Doc Martens from the 80’s Rick showed us what a rock/pop star looks like at 66. That’s right Rick turned 66 on his last birthday and he wasn’t above poking fun at himself for the sake of a good punchline. “I’m 66, how the freak did that happen? I’m two thirds evil.” Followed by the classic Rick Springfield smile.  And oh that smile!

Rick took to the audience during “Human Touch” not just to emphasize the point of the lyrics but to actually touch base with his fans. I’m sure security loves that.

Best moments for me:

  • Jessie’s Girl”, he teased us twice before delivering the giant hit
  • Cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar“. It was spectacular!!
  • The mad guitar solo he played before “Wild Thing” proving to me that he can do more than hold his own on a guitar. I had no idea he was that good! My bad.Rick Springfield CNE 2015Rick Springfield CNE 2015Rick Springfield CNE 2015Rick Springfield CNE 2015

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