So last night I made a point to watch something I have been meaning to watch for the last month or so.  I was pretty vocal on social media in Sept and Oct of 2014 saying that Canada needed to step up and put a CMT Crossroads thing together with some of Canada’s amazing talent in both Rock & Country.  

Dallas Smith & Tom Cochrane - CMT Hit Exchange

Dallas Smith & Tom Cochrane – CMT Hit Exchange

It was during a conversation with Dallas in November that he mentioned he tapped a special that was going to air sometime in December for CMT.  He was elusive of what it was actually called but did say it was something that the fans of Canadian music were going to love.    Well my friend, that was an understatement.   The CMT Hit Exchange with Dallas Smith and Canadian Rock Icon Tom Cochrane was really something you HAVE to see it was a dream come true. Ok, really my dream would be for Tim Hicks to hook up with the Tragically Hip for something like this but hey dream big right!

As I was watching the 45 min special streaming in off the CMT website I had come to realize that this took way to long to come about.  Hearing Tom sing on Dallas’s Slow Rollin’ from the opening song, right to the last note of Tom’s epic Good Times.  The chemistry between Smith and Cochrane was like watching Joe Montana pass off to Jerry Rice on a Superbowl Sunday., sheer magic.   If CMT could get these two together for an 8-10 date tour later in the fall of 2015, and then follow-up with another big show I could see this thing getting legs and becoming a real cool Canadian special that could spawn into a short tour.  Fingers crossed.

Corey Kelly – @CoreyKelly76

To watch this magic for yourself click here.

Catch Dallas Smith on his Tippin’ Point Tour this January / February across Canada

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Dallas Smith Poster Tour Dates 2015

Dallas Smith Poster Tour Dates 2015