So it’s no big secret that Justin Beiber is on his way home to play a special acoustic set at the Danforth Music Hall on Monday night (Dec 7th) aka Purpose In Toronto.   When it was announced on Tuesday it quickly became the most coveted ticket this holiday season.  I had someone ask me if I would pay $200 to a scalper to get to see this performance and my quick response.  Absolutely.  If you have seen Justin doing the rounds on all the talk shows promoting his current album Purpose or possibly his mashup at the American Music Awards you likely have seen him sing an acoustic version of Sorry.   Everytime I hear it, it impresses the shit out of me cause it such a great song and when it is just the voice and the guitar it really is almost magical.   Now this isn’t JB’s first kick at the acoustic stuff.


If you recall Justin released an acoustic album Believe Acoustic almost 3 years ago in January of 2013.  The cuts included Boyfriend, Fall, and As Long As You Love Me to name a few along with another 8 songs.  I remember getting that album just over a year ago today and listening to it endlessly (Yes I am a 39 year old Bieber fan).   I can remember at that time really wishing he would do an acoustic tour that gave the acoustic lovers a chance to really hear him sing rather than all the lights and glamour of the big world tour shows.   Well, Monday night is that night in Toronto.   I unfortunately won’t be in attendance as I had mentioned it is the hottest ticket and are RARE even online.  Disappointed I won’t be in the audience, but know that some lucky folks will likely take in a once in a lifetime performance from Stratford’s own JB.  The event’s proceeds are in support of Stratfords House of Blessing here is a little bit about the cause.

House of Blessing was founded by Florence Kehl in 1983 after God laid it on her heart to open a place to help those in need in Stratford.  Florence, along with her husband Norman, began ‘Operation Blessing’ in 1983 in a room above a restaurant in Market Square.  After a few months the facility was destroyed by fire, causing them to relocate to a house on Wellington Street. The official opening took place in April of 1984.

In 1988 the name was changed from ‘Operation Blessing’ to Stratford House of Blessing, reflecting the view of those supporting and helped by this house full of blessings!

Fitting all the resources (food, clothes, furniture and more!) in the 900 square feet of the house proved difficult, and in 2002 the move was made to the current facility at 423 Erie Street. (9000 sq feet)

After over 25 years of work with the House of Blessing, Florence retired in 2009 and an executive director was hired to oversee operations.

Take a minute and if you can spare some money or if you live in the Stratford area and have time to donate we are sure they would welcome you with open arms.   I am sure there are thousands of charities that could use your help this holiday season and in such a time of need for so many families we understand the need to give.  Donate Here…

And if you make it into the show on Monday night we would love to hear what you think!

I gotta feeling this Canadian kid is going to blow the doors off the place.  Good Luck Justin!

Corey Kelly / @CoreyKelly76