From the first chug of Last Bullet’s State of Confusion, to the closing feedback of The Wild’s Dillion Villain’s Les Paul; this duo of hard-working Canadian rock bands bring an energy to the room that is an increasingly rare find in today’s music scene.


Brenden Armstrong of Last Bullet. He sounds just as good as he looks. – Photo by Dave Di Ubaldo // Worn Leather Media

Last Bullet took the stage at The John Street Pub, priming the crowd and setting the tone for what quickly became a beautiful mess of rock and roll. As the crowd shifted to the front of the stage, they lit it up with the contagiously catchy Jet from their 2012 album Love.Lust.Illusion.

Hailing from Toronto, they are quickly expanding their fan-base each and every show they perform. This band is full of personality, and when they bring it, they bring it hard. Friday night was no exception.


Drummer Christoper Galaz making what he does look effortless – Photo by Dave Di Ubaldo // Worn Leather Media

Their latest offering, the subtly entitled Southern Lips, earned frontman Bryan Fontez a real connection with their eager audience. It’s riff laden hooks left a groove many were likely still feeling the next morning. I know I was.


Bryan Fontez of Last Bullet giving it everything he’s got – Photo by Dave Di Ubaldo // Worn Leather Media

The Wild! are the perfect example of a small but thankfully growing segment of the Canadian rock scene. Honest. High Energy. Articulated. Their music is instantly recognizable.


Dylan Villain knows exactly what he’s doing on a rock stage – Photo by Dave Di Ubaldo // Worn Leather Media

Maybe it’s personal preference, but their opener ‘Roadhouse’ speaks to me. I can’t try to do it justice, but come out to their next show, and Dylan will not hesitate to tell you exactly why you should be listening to this song right now.


Dylan commands attention – Photo by Dave Di Ubaldo // Worn Leather Media

This was the third time I’ve seen the Kelowna rockers, and I still love watching them embody everything that is the GxDxWxB brand.


Drummer Reese Lighting wearing three foot of 0 gauge chain link – Photo by Dave Di Ubaldo // Worn Leather Media

Right when the room expected the band to give their thanks to the crowd and grace us with one last song, a whole new show took shape. To the crowd’s delight, The Wild! brought Last Bullet back on stage to rock out to a few final classics.


This one just speaks for itself – Photo by Dave Di Ubaldo // Worn Leather Media

After soaking the stage and the patrons of the John Street Pub with beer The Wild! closed with their aptly named ‘Party Til You’re Dead’. I almost did.


If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right – Photo by Dave Di Ubaldo // Worn Leather Media

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