The final days are upon Hey Rosetta! fans as the band plays their final shows for the foreseeable future. Closing out as a band with the St John’s tradition of their annual Christmas Show, they added three shows at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Hall to share their final days with fans away from their home of Newfoundland.

For many, the announcement from the band hit harder then most. It means the end of an era is near, after over ten years of music, 5 albums, and countless shows. Fans are emotional, but supportive of the band’s decision, selling out all four of their final shows in the two Canadian cities.

Hey Rosetta! performing at The Phoenix Concert Hall (Toronto) Photo by Els Durnford (@elsdurnford)

There were many rough drafts for this article. I have my own personal history and stories with this band, stories to go with each of the shows I attended including some involving some hooliganism (shocking I know, more to come with that). But all of them fond memories. Even the final Sunday night show, which I’ve chosen as my last show of 2017, came with a roller coaster of a story, and a Christmas miracle named Leslie. Corny as it may be, it fit with the lyrics – the only thing that I ever learn / Is when trusting a stranger your trust will be returned. (Thanks again Leslie!)

Hey Rosetta! at The Phoenix Concert Hall (Toronto) Photo by Els Durnford (@elsdurnford)

Sunday’s show was filled with an energy like none other. Fans eager for the band to take the stage was only enhanced by Rich Aucoin. I can only say, HOLY MOLY. I don’t think I stopped smiling for the entire set. Everything from fun lyrics, cool supporting videos, confetti and memories of elementary gym class with a massive parachute flooding onto the crowd.

Rich Aucoin performing at The Phoenix Concert Hall (Toronto) Photo by Els Durnford (@elsdurnford)

When Hey Rosetta! finally took the stage, the crowd erupted. Every song was a sing-a-long. Old songs, new songs, all songs held a memory for everyone in the audience. The band shared memories, including videos from early years, stories about song origins and how songs came to be. Once the set wrapped up after visiting each of the band’s albums multiple times and a three song encore, the house lights came up, and the emotion of the crowd was visible. Many wiping tears, and sharing stories.

Hey Rosetta! at The Phoenix Concert Hall (Toronto) Photo by Els Durnford (@elsdurnford)

A quick review of the Sunday night show can’t, and won’t, do this band justice. So I reached out to anyone who had a thought, story, word, message – that they wanted to share about the impact Hey Rosetta! has made in their lives. I got responses from all across the country, and I’m sure there are many more, from fans wanting to share. Here’s what they had to say…

Can I say pure joy and happiness. Family. Proud. They were the band that brought my brother and I together. We weren’t close then we met at Osheaga under a NL flag in 2014 and it was like nothing had changed.

Morgan (St. John’s NL)

This band is my family.

Tyler (Ottawa ON)

The energy I feel when I watch their shows. It’s indescribable, as soon as I hear the first note the hairs on my arms stand up. Then I get lost for a couple of hours in a feeling I wish would never end. It’s something I’m going to miss terribly. 

Andrew (St John’s NL)

Home. I remember the first time I saw Hey Rosetta! Was at Osheaga. We were waiting for them to start and I looked around and saw so many Newfoundland flags everywhere and it felt like home.

Brittany (St John’s NL)

I went to Hey Rosetta! on my birthday (2013) in a small bar just before they went into big venues. Cataline, Jacob, and Natalie were with me. There were a million sparklers at one point and Cataline got the band to sing happy birthday to me! It was one of my favourite birthdays 😊😊😊❤❤❤ Also, Cataline and I are doing Snowball at our wedding and the song that we are playing is their version of ‘Stand By Me’. Maybe HR will come play it at my wedding LOL!

Tessa (Currently in Edmonton, Home is Liverpool NS)


Jacob (Conception Bay South NL)

Summer shows in Halifax! I’ve also seen them in the winter, but they always remind me of summer. 

Natalie (Currently in London UK, Home is Amherst NS)

I once snuck into a Hey Rosetta! sound check before their show at Memorial University Corner Brook Campus in September 2013. We were at a student conference and we left our scheduled events, hopped the boards of arena and sat listening to our private preview for what felt like hours. Best show memory ever. 

Els (Currently in Ottawa, Home is Riverport NS)

You’ll be a bright light, coming out of the dark! I love that lyric and that song (Welcome, Seeds)

Emma (Halifax NS)

They’re like a piece of home regardless of where I am. Their unofficial video for There’s An Arc is the epitome of East Coast happiness spent in the kitchen with their friends. 

Chelsea (West Northfield NS)

Personally, I look fondly on the shows in St John’s which I also consider home in a lot of ways. George Street Festival and their annual Christmas Concerts were always a blast and super nostalgic. Also sometimes you would just see Hey Rosetta! band members living their daily lives, like in the grocery store. But the novelty of it never got old for me. 
Leah (Lunenburg NS)
Ohh won’t you let your red heart…. (Red Heart – Into Your Lungs)
Daniel (St John’s NL)
Christmas. But that’s only because I’ve listening to their Christmas song about being away at Christmas on repeat. It will make me sad if they stop playing
Adam (Living in Canmore Alberta, Home is Pinehurst NS)
You’ll be a bright light coming out of the dark (Welcome – Seeds)
Shawn (Ottawa ON)
Campfires and midnight swims on Crescent Beach (NS)
Linnea (Lunenburg NS)
Jesus Murphy. One of my favourite songs AND totally fits my feelings about them.
Bria (Currently in Kelowna, BC. Home is Cole Harbour, NS)
 Please feel free to comment any memories you’d like to share about the band, a song or a show! We’d love to hear it! 
This band has a reach that’s far and wide. Taking the feeling of home across the country, and across the world. Taking from the song “A Thousand Suns“. Hey Rosetta!, I speak on behalf of many…We want to thank you so much!  For more on Hey Rosetta, visit them online at