So I woke up this morning to this Tweet.  MORE UPDATED 10AM – SUNDAY AUG 2nd….


This just might be the hint you were all looking for on who was plugging the hole that was left by Little Big Town on Saturday Night at Boots and Hearts.  One of Canada’s best Country acts that has had a #1 both sides of the border seems to be scrambling to get to Oro.  Fingers crossed that Brad & the boys make the trip to Boots next Saturday night.  Who else would you like to see?

UPDATED… Ok… So more news this morning and its only 10AM.  Looks like Emerson Drive have taken Dallas Smiths spot on Sunday nights Line Up and that Dallas Smith WILL NOW OPEN FOR ERIC CHURCH.

Great news for Dallas as he will have a longer set and open for one of the best artists on the bill.  We couldn’t be happier for Dallas or Eric!

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!  And stay tuned… Who knows it is a #Boots life

Corey Kelly / @CoreyKelly76