So this afternoon in my inbox I found an invite to enter for a chance to buy tickets for an intimate show to who I still refer to as the best bar band ever!  Now I know you’re wondering who the hell is that?

Well, my reading friends, that band would be The Tragically Hip.   I have been to a boat load of Hip shows BIG & small over the past 26 years and I still think the Hip in the small bar like setting (The Horseshoe Tavern perhaps) is the best place to see the biggest band in Canada in the 90’s and early 2000’s.   I  remember hopping into a car in the summer of 2000 with Peaches (my nick name for a buddy I grew up with) and driving down to Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Buffalo NY to catch the boys crank out the new song’s from Music@Work. That was a trip I will never forget!  Good times had by all.

I can also remember driving around “The Prior” with my Looking for a Place to Happen Spare Wheel Cover and the top down on my little red Suzuki Samurai with the Hip just pumpin out the aftermarket alpine stereo.   Yup, those summers on the Ottawa River with the Hip making up the soundtrack of my teen years.   Fast forward 20 years and I am 38 years old, standing at Dundas Square in downtown Toronto with my 2.5 year old son this past October to see the Hip play the opening of the 2014/15 NHL Season.   Sharing some of my favorite music (oh ya Tim Hicks was also there) with what was estimated to be about 30,000 people was pretty cool for both my little guy and myself.    Fast forward another 3 months and The Hip are about to play a small intimate show somewhere in Toronto January 10th and you can win your chance to purchase the coveted tickets here if your a Hip Fan Club member. And trust me this is how The Hip needs to be seen.


Tragically Hip - Fully and Completely 2015 Tour

Tragically Hip – Fully and Completely 2015 Tour

I don’t care if its 15 sold out nights at the Rivoli I know The Hip in a small venue is just money in the bank. Who doesn’t want to see that? It’s almost guaranteed to be a good show as Gordie rambles on about a polar bear or banana in the big city and makes eye contact with the crowd and whips them into a frenzy!  But why are they playing this intimate show?  Well, they are about to embark on a tour that will have the fellas play the October 2nd, 1992 release Fully Completely in its entirety plus a few other hits for good measure.  For those who aren’t as familiar with the album as I (shame on you) you will hear hits like Courage, At The Hundredth Meridian & my personal favorite Locked in the Trunk of A Car.  

Well now you know that The Hip are about to hit the road.  I have included some of the details below as well as links to all the bands social media outlets.    If you are lucky enough to get into the gig on the 10th please let us know how it was.  Would love to hear your Hip stories to,  comment below.

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Tickets for the tour can be purchased through here.

Looking forward to some of the April dates inand around Ontario in February & April.

The Tragically Hip - B&W

The Tragically Hip – B&W