It was no secret that Day 7 at RBC Bluesfest would be challenging. Popular hip hop artists Migos and Lil Yachty were among the headliners and massive crowds were expected.

Toersa Security helps a fan over the railing during Migos’ set photo Renee Doiron

There’s been a lot of talk over the last 24 hrs about RBC Bluesfest not booking certain genres to avoid trouble but let’s be honest here. When I was in my late teens going to concerts I attended a lot of metal / hard rock shows by acts like KISS, Metallica, AC/DC and Guns N Roses to name a few. They had the mosh pits and the pushy crowds and the fights too. These things happen when you get a large number of people in a small space.

Toersa Security keeps crowds cool during Migos’ set at RBC Bluesfest photo Renee Doiron

I was midvenue between the two main stages for much of the two acts and the crowd itself was fairly tame inside. Sure they were pumped up and energetic but if you were aware of your surroundings you could easily avoid trouble. The security teams made up of Toersa Security and the Ottawa Police Service ramped up their presence and, from my perspective they did a bang up job keeping the peace.

Migos performs at RBC Bluesfest July 13, 2016 photo Renee Doiron

As for the music I was impressed by Migos, they put on a solid show which impressed both me and the thousands of fans in attendance.

Lil Yachty was much the same, again I should qualify I’m not a fan of hip hop or at least not modern hip hop. Both of last nights acts impressed me enough that I’d check them out again.

Alan Doyle performs at RBC Bluesfest photo Renee Doiron

To close out the night I took in an old favourite, Alan Doyle. It’s always a party when the east coast comes to visit and last night Doyle drew a large crowd that was kept on their feet all night long.

As Alan was wrapping up I made my way out to the main stage to catch the tail end of Flume. I didn’t see enough to get much of an opinion but it was an intriguing set to say the least. We’ll be catching up with Flume again at Way Home Music and Arts Festival later this month.

Tonight I celebrate my birthday onsite again with performances by The Glorious Sons, Headstones and Live as we head into the final weekend of RBC Bluesfest. For full schedule and tickets visit

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