The Road to Boots & Hearts kicked off in a huge way with JJ Shiplett & Kelly Prescott at The Burdock in Toronto, ON!

Wednesday February 8th, 2017 officially kicked off The Road to Boots and Hearts! The Burdock in Toronto was sold out to a rowdy crowd eager to have an entertaining night filled with good music, good drinks and good people.

Kelly Prescott Trio photo by Casperette Boudreau

Kelly Prescott graced us with her presence on the lighted stage first, and if anyone was going to get the crowd pumped up and capture the spirit of Boots & Hearts, she was the right choice to do so! Her three piece band sounded amazing at The Burdock that night. There was something in the atmosphere, the audience knew it and so did Prescott and her band. There’s something enticing about how an acoustic guitar, electric guitar and fiddle can work wonders in a venue that was suited for a night like this.

Tuning Up Photo by Casperette Boudreau

The audience could feel the raw emotion behind each song Prescott sang throughout the evening. Her music is her passion and you know this to be true by how her songs come out LIVE and on her albums. Her professionalism as a performer was shining bright at The Burdock as she took the time to interact with the sold out crowd to show her appreciation for everyone who came out.

“Grin and Wear It” Photo by Casperette Boudreau

Prescott is such a natural on stage, her bond with her audience is undeniable and you can see this unfold while she shares her stories on how songs come together for her and how they develop around her personal life. She is also not afraid to crack a few jokes at her own expense just to get the crowd in stitches and making sure their having an unforgettable time. Whether it’s shots at her not so graceful ice skating skills (had to be there!) or swiping right on Tinder (again, had to be there!), she’s the real deal and you need to see her live!

“Hillbilly Jewels” Photo by Casperette Boudreau

Prescott’s latest release entitled “Hillbilly Jewels” was showcased throughout the night and is a five song EP that features Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo and singer/ songwriter Buddy Miller. Kelly Prescott teamed up with Kaylen (brother) and Randall (father) Prescott to produce the EP.

Hillbilly Jewels EP

If you need any other reason to attend Boots and Hearts this summer, Kelly Prescott is a pretty damn good reason in our opinion.

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Our second performer of the night was none other than Warner Music Canada recording artist, JJ Shiplett. Having the audience all revved up from Kelly Prescott’s performance, JJ Shiplett knew he had to bring his “A” game with him that night.

“Oh No Girl” Photo by Casperette Boudreau

We were fortunate enough to have the chance to speak with him before his set and he seemed eager to hit the stage and just feed off the energy of the already pumped up audience. He wasted no time stepping out of the green room and getting to the stage to perform in front of the sold out crowd.

“Something to Believe In” Photo by Casperette Boudreau

Showcasing his talents and getting the crowd ready for what looks to be an amazing lineup at Boots and Hearts seemed almost effortless for the young star. Shiplett brought all of his heart and soul to this show and made sure the audience went home satisfied and eager for the summer.

“Waters” Photo by Casperette Boudreau

It was only him and his acoustic guitar at The Burdock, but you would swear with such a booming/powerful voice like his, that his full band was behind him the entire time. It also helped that the audience sang every word to “Darling, Let’s Go Out Tonight” as well as other tracks.

“Something to Believe In” EP

Shiplett’s latest release entitled “Something to Believe In” was showcased throughout the night to much success. The new release includes eleven brand new songs and features the self titled track “Something to Believe In” and “Darling, Let’s Go Out Tonight”.  The Calgary native had help in producing the new album by none other than Johnny Reid. All songs were written by JJ Shiplett and or JJ Shiplett and Ryan Mcallister. Reid also lent his talents on backing vocals for the album. The album is definitely worth picking up, and JJ Shiplett is someone that you should pay close attention too if you’re a fan of music.

“Darling, Let’s Go Out Tonight” Photo by Casperette Boudreau

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Talk about an exciting way to kick off the road to Boots and Hearts and giving the audience something to look forward too!

Boots and Hearts 2017 should prove to be an event not to be missed, especially by having these two brilliant performers start things off. Both JJ and Kelly deserve to showcase their talents at this years festival and we can’t wait to see them!

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