Berkeley California native thrash band Testament performed at the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto recently to support their latest album released called Brotherhood of the Snake. The venue was bursting at the seams with middle-aged thrashers. Sepultura and Prong rounded off the bill as supporting acts.

Stage right consisted of guitarist Alex Skolnick and bassist Steve Di Giorgio. High up center stage on a riser was drummer Gene Hoglan along with Chuck Billy at the forefront. Stage left consisted of guitarist Eric Peterson. The stage dynamics were pretty low-key, with the exception of the backdrop, which was their logo from the album.

Steve Di Giorgio pumping up the crowd in Toronto. Photo credit: Sue Hebert

However low key the stage was, the band made up for it by thrashing and exuding a ton of energy, never standing still for more than a minute or so. Frontman Chuck Billy assumed a hypothetical third guitarist roll by shredding on his lit up half mic stand. Air guitaring it like a pro, having the customary guitar face to match.

Chuck Billy performing at the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto. Photo Credit: Sue Hebert

The evenings set had a great mix of new and old material. 5 songs from their Brotherhood of the Snake Album and 12 hits from days gone by.

Throughout the song, First Strike is Deadly the crowd sang along loudly to the guitar melody which brought a huge smile to Chuck’s face.

Solos were performed throughout the evening at different intervals, each showcasing their talent.

Alex Skolnick performing at the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto. Photo credit: Sue Hebert

This stop was the last of the Canadian dates. Chuck stated that the Canadian promoters need to reach out and get them book for more shows across our great land, historically only performing less than a handful of shows in Canada each visit.

Having never seen them live before, I was impressed at how tight they were. I thrashed along with the other 1350 metalheads in attendance. This was a show checked off on my personal bucket list, I certainly didn’t leave disappointed.


  1. Brotherhood of the Snake
  2. Rise Up
  3. The Pale King
  4. Centuries of Suffering
  5. (Alex Skolnick Solo)
  6. Into the Pit
  7. Low
  8. Throne of Thorns
  9. Stonghold
  10. (Eric Peterson Solo)
  11. Eyes of Wrath
  12. (Gene Hoglan Solo)
  13. First Strike Is Deadly
  14. (Steve Di Giorigo Solo)
  15. Urotsukidoji
  16. Souls of Black
  17. Seven Seals
  18. The New Order
  19. Practice What You Preach
  20. Over The Wall