We had a chance to chat with Sony Music Canada recording artist and 12x CCMA Winner Gord Bamford about his upcoming album Tin Roof.  Gord is also about to embark on a cross Canada tour with label mate Joe Nichols starting April 7th so we talked a little about that to.  Here is our conversation.

Corey:  Gord, want to first thank you for giving us a sneak peek at the new album it was great to hear and think you have done a bang up job on this one.   I do have to say it is a little different from what you have put out in the past.

Gord:  Ya it is, sonically its different.  I think a lot of that comes from my new producer.  You know after all those years working with Phil and having a different set of ears in there brings a little different vision.  I don’t think it’s that much different that everyone is going to be shocked by it.  It’s got a bit of everything on this record.   And ya, you are right that it is a little bit different.

Tin Roof - Gord Bamford

Tin Roof – Gord Bamford

Corey:  I agree, don’t think anyone is going to be shocked that you went and did a pop album.  But listening through the other night there were a couple songs that really stood out to me.  Firebird being one that really sparked my ears.

Gord:  It’s funny, I didn’t write that one. I had on hold for a long time because it was just such a catchy song.  And we played it a bit live and people really liked it so I am glad we finally got to that one.

Corey:  So let’s maybe start off on how this album is different from any of your previous albums in how you actually put it together?  We know you have a different producer on this one but writing maybe or the song selection?

Gord: You know Corey, this is a lot different of a process.  It took a lot longer, well over a year to make this record.  I wrote with some of the guys that I have always written with guys that I dealt with through Phil and then my publisher Ole had me collaborate with song writers that I had never written with before. And that really brought a different outlook into the record.  That’s the greatest thing about being in the music business.  You get to work with different people all the time and everyone has a different thought and idea.  It’s great because it always stays fresh that way in my mind. It’s funny because i had this record finished back in July.  We had moved the family down to Nashville and started writing a whole bunch of new songs.  I was suppose to deliver the album to Sony but I ended up replacing half of it.  Mainly because I was writing everyday and started re-cutting different stuff.  That’s the reason why there are 15 songs on the album.  We just couldn’t take anymore off.  I cut over 27 songs for the album but just couldn’t pull anymore off because I love them too much.

Corey:  Gord, I have to say I love that the album offers up 15 tracks so many artists are cutting 9-11 song albums and this with 15 is great.

Gord: The business has changed so much as you know over the years.  It’s the day of the EP’s with 5 or 6 songs and I wanted to do something a little different and make sure there was more than 10 or 11 songs on the album.  So when people bought the record, they got value for it.  I have always been a stickler on making sure every song I put on my record I think can be on radio as a single.   I have never believed in so called “album fillers” and find it very frustrating buying a record and you get 4 or 5 good songs and the rest you can skip through.  I have always tried to put great songs that I think can compete on my record and hopefully people feel like they get that when they buy it.

Corey:  Let’s talk a bit more about a few of the tracks on TinRoof and maybe start with The Country I Grew Up On.   Is that something you wrote or is that one of the songs that was pitched to you?

Gord:  No, didn’t write that one the funny thing that was a Phil O’Donnell / Wade Kirby song but so relatable to me that I couldn’t help but make sure that was on the record.  I think you know something that people haven’t heard in a long time. It’s a country song, although sonically it works with radio today and it’s as country as it gets. So I really love that about it.

Corey: What about Old,  can you tell us a bit about that one?

Gord: Ya that one would probably rank up in the top 5 songs that I have ever written and recorded.  I have had that song for quite awhile and it was actually pitched to Tony Brown who had produced George Strait for 30 records.  Tony loved it so put it on hold right away and we thought we were gonna have cut on George’s album with that.  But after 30 records George decided to change producers and that song got lost.  When it filtered back to me I just think it’s one of the greatest songs not only because we wrote it but even if I had heard it.  It’s just a great  song and a great story.  Something that people can relate to and again something that isn’t being played on the radio.  I think that’s the greatest thing about what I do,  I have been able to develop a unique style and sound and a great fan base of real country fans.   And brought people in, I mean When Your Lips Are So Close brought people into my music that hadn’t heard it before.  I think that Old is going to be a song that will be played on the radio 10 years from now at least you hope it will be or even 20 years from now.  I am really excited about that one.

Corey:  So let’s talk about when you were putting this album together what you wanted to reflect or bring to your live show.  Live performances are such a big part of today’s music experience.

Gord:  Well I got arguably the best group of musicians in the country in the band.  I have such a great team of people that work with me.   The band is so good this is going to be a lot of fun.   I know they are excited and have been rehearsing some of the new stuff and they just bring it to another level.  And when we go to do it live its going to bring a pile of energy and lots of fun.  We have the hits from the past fortunately for us that we can play.  The sad part for us is we got this tour coming up and Joe and I each only have an hour long set so I am going to try and get as much of it into the set that I can.


Corey: Great way to lead into that next question, the big Country Certified Tour that kicks off April 7th in Medicine Hat Alberta.  You have decided to Co-Headline with Joe Nichols.  You also have Washboard Union opening some of the shows on the West Coast and then you have Autumn Hill opening the Eastern dates.  How did this tour come about?

Gord:  And Beverly Mahood also just got added to some of those western dates so we are excited about that, but ya. The whole Joe thing came about in a couple different ways.  I am with Sony Canada and they market and distribute all the Broken Bow stuff which Joe is on.  So they worked with Joe’s records in Canada.  My agency in the US is William Morris and its also Joe’s agent so when we sat down with Ron Sakamoto to talk about the tour and who should come on the tour.  I kinda threw Joe’s name out there and we kinda jumped in and pursued it.  He was looking to get into Canada and play.  He hadn’t been up here for a long time.  He has had a lot of success and a brand new record coming.  Lucky for us he jumped on board with it and I really think it’s a great fit for the both of us.   He is a really great guy, I have had a chance to meet him a few weeks ago in Nashville and he is really looking forward to hittin’ the road.  And for the country music fans out there, it’s going to be a heck of a Country show.   I know the economy is a little tough back home I am hearing but the ticket prices are right and its a great opportunity to bring your family out and forget about stuff thats happening for a little while.   Hopefully the readers will come out and see it.

Corey:  Gord, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us and congrats again on the album.  I think TinRoof will have a list of singles gracing the airwaves over the next 12-18 months.

Gord:  Thanks Corey for having me, appreciate it.

Be sure to hear Gords album TIN ROOF NOW over at http://www.cmt.ca/show/drop-gord-bamford

The Drop - CMT Canada

The Drop – CMT Canada

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