Don’t know if I have ever felt so much high energy in one place before. It was small, and overcrowded, and T.I. wasn’t the only thing getting me hot and steamy.

The Liquor Store had a sold out crowd on their hands, so much so that T.I. could not even come out and make his way to the stage safely.

Maurice Moore opening for T.I. at the Liquor Store. Photo by Laura Collins.There were a handful of local hip hop talent opening for T.I., including Maurice Moore, the new rising R&B star from Ottawa. Moore is only 19 years old but worked the stage like a pro, and the audience was like wax in his hands. It is clear the young crooner has a successful future ahead of him.

Finally, around midnight, T.I. took to the stage and the place exploded!! The minute he hit the stage and started the show, the energy level hit the roof, I didn’t know if the roof could hold up. This guy knows how to pack a place, and make it MOVE!!

T.I. performing at the Liquor Store. Photo by Laura Collins.

He sang all of his hits, “What you Know”, “No Mediocre”, “About the Money” “Ready for Whatever” and the crowd was right along word for word, note for note. Move for Move. I am unsure how anyone was able to move at all, but they certainly found a way.

Now I’m gonna be honest with you, I am not someone that listens to Rap, Hip Hop or R&B music most of the time. You might find 1 or two on my playlist, “To Live Your Life” is one of them. I have an appreciation for great music and great artists. On Saturday night I was watching a true artist. The energy T.I. gives to his fans is outstanding. It was something that this Country/Metal Girl has not been privilege to be apart of too many times.

T.I. performing at the Liquor Store. Photo by Laura Collins.

At one point during the show I decided to step out to get some air, turns out that was a mistake. The crowd was so big and so alive that there was no way to get back into the room. It’s the just way it goes everyone lets you move back.. NOBODY lets you move up. I was still able to hear and enjoy the show from the lobby area and as an added bonus I actually had a bit more room to move so it wasn’t all bad.

T.I. performing at the Liquor Store. Photo by Laura Collins.

T.I. has one hell of a resume too, he has won 2 American Music Awards, 8 ASCAP pop awards, 11 Billboard Hip Hop / R&B Awards, oh and he has three Grammy Awards! The list keeps going, and on Saturday he proved he earned every single one of them.

T.I. performing at the Liquor Store. Photo by Laura Collins.

He doesn’t just stop at music. He is also an actor with an impressive filmography under his belt as well…he’s started in movies like American Gangster (2007), Entourage (2015) and just released Sleepless.

If you get the chance to catch T.I. take it! To find out if he’s coming to a venue near you visit

Special thanks to the Diamond Mine Agency for getting us into yet another amazing event in Ottawa. For more information on upcoming TDMA shows visit

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