The music and lyrics for Surround the World were written by Oren Sharon. The unique video is compilation of 51 different different female singers from around the world singing the lyrics.

The goal of the project was to show world unity through the love of music. No matter where you come from or who you are, we all share one world.

The project took 4 months to complete. 1,800 different female singers from around the world were approached and asked to join the project, 51 agreed and sent their a-cappella video. The videos were then compiled into one video, thus forming a cohesive song sung by all 51 participants.

You can view all 51 individual videos that were submitted on the project’s YouTube page. The video features singers from the USA, Canada, Indonesia, Greece, Germany, Spain, Italy, Philippines, Belgium, Ecuador, France, Lithuania, Puerto Rico, UK, Brazil, Taiwan, India, and Australia.