Vancouver singer/songwriter Rodney DeCroo is touring across Canada to promote his new album Campfires on the Moon. He played a stop last week at Toronto’s The Tennessee, and we were there to shoot a few pictures and take in his set.

It was a poignant and haunting set. The lyrics are honest and sometimes hard to hear. Playing with Ida Nilson on piano and Mark Haney on the double bass, the arrangement felt intimate and straight forward.

We were intrigued by the music and the musician, so we sent over some questions, which Rodney kindly took the time to answer.
Rodney DeCroo at Tennesse Toronto

SC: What’s your favourite thing about touring?

RDC: Well, first is playing every night. I love being able to perform my songs with Mark and Ida night after night. That’s the major reason I’m out here. . And meeting lots of new people and catching up with old friends.

SC: Least favourite thing?

RDC: I think the worst part is the sleep deprivation and the crappy food. I always say I’m going to eat better this time and then I’m cramming Taco Hell into my mouth. I’ve been touring for seven years. I don’t think I’m every going to stop eating crap on the road. I remember hearing several years ago that Sarah Mclachlan brings her own cook on the road and I rolled my eyes. I guess I’m losing my edge because if I could afford a cook I would bring one now. Hell, I couldn’t even afford to bring the guy who makes the tacos at Taco Hell.

SC: I was at the show in Toronto and I loved that we didn’t fall into the “bad Torontonian” stereotype. Will you be spreading the word that we’re not all bad, back home?

RDC: Oh yeah. I love being a contrarian. I’ll be spreading the word back home. But in all seriousness I loved playing the Toronto show. People were really generous. They listened very closely. Some of my Vancouver friends kept telling me that my Toronto show would suck because everyone would talk. I’m happy to report they were wrong.

Rodney DeCroo at Tennesse Toronto
SC: Do you have a favourite track from “Campfires on the Moon?

RDC: Honestly, it changes all the time. Which is a good thing because there are ten songs on the record and I have to play them every night. The last few nights I’ve looked forward to playing Ashes after Fire and Stupid Boy in an Ugly Town.

SC: Favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

RDC: I’ve been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about two years with Roy Duquette in Vancouver. If I had free time I’d probably be pestering him to work with me.

It’s been five years since Rodney’s last album and this album sounds very different from the albums of the past. Having been dealing with PTSD most of his life, there’s been a lot of personal recovery work done. The songs speak of love, loss, death, aging all things we can all relate to. We’re recommending you give this one a listen.

The tour finishes up on June 6th in Guelph at The Cornerstone.
Rodney DeCroo Tour Dates

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