Walking down Bronson on Saturday night the increased number of patched up jackets and made it obvious there was a show happening at the Centretown Theatre. Punks from all over the Ottawa Valley gathered for what was described by one concert goer as the, “Best Canadian punk band of all time. For real.” Presented by Spectrasonic, Propagandhi played the Bronson Centre with the support of Iron Chic, and G.A.S. Drummers.The band’s long time fans poured in as the first supporting band took the stage.

G.A.S. Drummers performs in Ottawa photo by Els Durnford



G.A.S. Drummers were in all the way from Spain, and brought with them a set full of energy. Tricks and jumps made it so they did not hold anything back for the excited audience as they continue to pour into the theatre for the headliner. In stage banter they talked about how happy they were to be in town, and that they will be playing again in Ottawa next week at a show at House of TARG.

Iron Chic performs in Ottawa photo by Els Durnford




New York’s Iron Chic was second in the line up. Though the energy in the room was continuing to grow, the stage energy could have been higher. Beers had been flowing most of the evening, which made an impact some of the visual energy on stage, though the music didn’t seem to be effected. They had a sound that resembled that of Toronto’s Flatliners and the band members kept the flow going into the headliner.


Propagandhi performs in Ottawa photo by Els Durnford

I love talking to audience members just before a headliner. The front row is usually filled with the die hard fans, and they always have something to say, either a fun fact, or just a general expression of love for the band. This time I got a warning. I was told that the majority of people in the first few rows were “hard core prop fans and they were ready.” The warning was simple and to the point, and quite correct. The buzz of the audience only got louder when Propagandhi hit the stage. The bass player was moving quickly, jumping and spinning around. The rest of the band was giving the set their all and joking around with each other and the audience between sets.


All in all, it was a Saturday night well spent. If you are ever in Centretown, or anywhere in the city, and see an abnormally high number of people hanging around in patched up jackets, I suggest asking them where they are headed. Chances are they are headed to a good show.

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Photos and Gallery by Els Durnford (insta: @elsdurnford)