Old Dominion is on their first ever Canadian tour, with stops in London, Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough & on April 27th, they were in Toronto! Toronto’s country music fans were bursting with excitement waiting to see them play at the Danforth Music Hall. And to top it all off, the opening act for Old Dominion was none other than Canada’s very own, and very talented, Kira Isabella.

Kira Isabella at The Danforth

Kira Isabella performs at The Danforth. Photo by: Glenn Rodger

Kira Isabella never ceases to amaze us. Her spunk and energy always ignites the audience, that combined with her killer pipes, guarantees that we are in for a treat when Kira is in town!

Kira Isabella at The Danforth

Kira Isabella performs with Chris Buck at The Danforth. Photo by: Glenn Rodger

Kira opened with a bang with “Blame It On Your Truck” which got the crowd pumping, followed by “Gone Enough” and “Love Me Like That”. Kira then treated us to her new single “That’s How You Know” that she co-wrote with Chris Buck from the Chris Buck Band, and OMG, Kira had a big surprise in store for us. Kira brought Chris Buck out to perform the duet with her and the crowd went wild! What a treat to have Chris Buck in town to play with her.

Kira Isabella performs at TD Place Ottawa photo by Matt Perry

Kira continued with “Shake it” and then did a mashup of pop and rap songs followed by a crowd favorite “Quarterback”. Kira ended with “Little More Work To Do” and then stayed on to do a M&G during the break. Kira is truly such a Canadian talent and takes time for her fans wherever she goes.

Old Dominion at The Danforth

Old Dominion perform at The Danforth. Photo by: Glenn Rodger

Now onto the main act! Old Dominion sold out the Danforth Music Hall and what a crazy night it was! They opened with a few of my favorites “ SnapBack’ followed by “Shut Me Up”, “Said Nobody”, “So You Go”, “Nowhere Fast” and “Beer Can”. Wow, it was so loud in there, not sure who sang louder, Old Dominion or the fans!

Old Dominion perform at TD Place Ottawa photo by Matt Perry

The band continued with a new song “Be with me” followed by “Crazy Beautiful Sexy” during which they a bunch of fans to dance with them on stage while they performed. They also played their new single “No Such Thing As A Broken Heart”.

As, lead singer, Matthew started to sing “Break Up” the fans took over. They were singing it so loud that Matthew just stood back and watched in awe! Wow, it must make the band feel good knowing they are on their first ever-Canadian tour and the crowd knows every song and is singing along loud and clear! What a truly a magical moment, for all us fans to share with the band.

Old Dominion perform at TD Place Ottawa photo by Matt Perry

They continued with a song they wrote for Sam Hunt called “Make You Miss Me” and another they wrote for Kenny Chesney “Save It For A Rainy Day” which got the crowd singing & dancing even more! They continued with a few more favorites, like “Half Empty”, “Till It’s Over” and “Song For Another Time”. And then, oh so sad, suddenly it was over, but wait, Old Dominion was back for an encore of “We Got It Right” and “Wrong Turns”.

Old Dominion perform at TD Place Ottawa photo by Matt Perry

If you have never seen Old Dominion live you are really missing out, I highly recommend that you catch them the next time they are in a city near you. They have such chemistry on stage and their music is so infectious, you just have to dance & get your groove on! These Nashville boys have truly made a impression on us Canadian country fans and I know that their performance will be talked about for days, weeks and months to come. I sure hope they come back to Canada soon!

Keep up with Old Dominion online at https://olddominionband.com/

Keep up with Canada’s own Kira Isabella at http://www.kiraisabella.ca/