Saturday night was very Deja Vu for me as we stepped back into House of Targ, having spent our Friday night in the same (mind you, rowdier) room. The crowd seemed Zen for a Saturday night which was a welcome reprieve from the aggressive night of debauchery I had subjected myself to on Friday. Don’t get the wrong idea though, the room was buzzing with musical anticipation as we settled in with a cold PBR to await the rock and roll. People played pinball and chatted as they made new friends and the room started to swell.


First up this evening were Ottawa-based indie group Shadowhand. One thing I noticed right away with these guys is how much they gel on stage. You could just tell that they were all in this together and their performances certainly benefit from their strong on-stage dynamic.

Their music captivates, leads you where they want you to go and the crowd ate it up. Lead singer and guitarist, Jamieson McKay, displayed his skills as he layed down some fantastically timed riffs and beautiful atmospheric swells, making me wish I had been alive in the seventies.


With the crowd warmed up, Mosely hit the stage, greeted by smiles from adoring fans all around. Fronted by Dani Vézina, this local band obviously has a loyal following. As Dani belted out chorus lines, their fans were hanging onto every word, singing right along.

Their lyrics reminded me of the music that fueled my ’00s, and not just the ones about premarital sex. They gifted the crowd with some new tracks from their next album – which is currently in the works. The way they bring their crescendos to a climax is truly a beautiful thing and their new jam “Best I can” was no exception. With their new disk on the horizon I, for one, am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Perhaps we can sweet talk them into a pre-release review? Their songs are real and accessible, and definitely hit me right in the feels. If you haven’t seen Mosely live, I definitely recommend that you do.

Le Trouble

Headlining the evening was Le Trouble, a newly formed quintet hailing from the beautiful city of Montreal.

Lead singer, Michael, wasted no time getting to know the crowd, leaving the stage and getting up close and personal among the masses. Their lively charisma was not lost on me, or the crowd. As Le Trouble launched into their second song, TARG patrons had pretty much all abandoned their pinball posts to gather and fill all sides of the stage. People were holding each other in one arm, and raising their cans of PBR to cheers in the other, it was a beautiful sight.

Michael has mentioned being influenced by the likes of David Bowie, but I must say, his moves are of the calibre to make Mick Jagger envious. Regardless of influence, their love affair with music is clear and their passion is palpable.

House of Targ hosted many bands this weekend, and Le Trouble made for an excellent closer.

Check them out on their facebook page or website, you’ll be happy you did. We had a chance to chat with them, watch for that interview coming up later this week.

Article and photos by Natalie Fay and Dave DiUbaldo of Worn Leather Media. Keep up with them on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Until the next one.