The Bovine Sex Club is a Toronto venue as unique as it’s name. The 26 year old venue has played host to members of countless different bands, of all different levels on fame. On this particular Friday, the sold out room was graced by a slew of Toronto native celebs, including Ian Thornley and Ron McLean. Anyone who was someone in the 90’s Toronto scene was there, and I was just happy to be part of the mix. It’s not every night that you get to see a reunion show in at a 150 person venue.

Warming up the stage for Joydrop were Toronto rockers The Matte Black Finish. Delivering a sound with far more depth than their namesake implies, it was refreshing to see honest Rock and Roll in a dive bar. It’s been far too long since I’ve lived this and I couldn’t have felt more at home. Energetic riffs and tasteful solo work defined their sound, and the packed room welcomed the backdrop to enjoy $6 tall cans of Pilsner while waiting for the headliner to take the stage.

Amidst cheers (and a few minor technical difficulties) Tara Slone took the stage with a smile on her face, showing confidence far greater than expected from someone who has been out of the game for over a decade. Her experience hosting Rogers Hometown hockey probably has something to do with her comfort in the limelight.

After making the executive decision to abandon all hope for her in ear monitors, Tara cut right to the chase as she exlaimed “let’s rock and roll this shit!”

Opening up the set with ‘Thick Skin’ from their 2001 album Viberate, Joydrop came out swinging. Sounding tight and looking right in their element on the stage together the band rolled through into their hit single “American Dreamgirl” and I was instantly taken back to my formative years.

Growing up I played in a lot of a different bands. A number of those had female singers, so of course we covered our fair share of Joydrop songs. Getting to not only see them play again 15 years later, but shoot the show, was a real treat.

The room was hooked, everyone jostling to move just a little bit closer to the stage and soak in just a little bit more of Joydrop’s contagious energy and emotion. As the show came to a close, I found myself hanging on to every line of “Sometime’s Wanna Die” and wishing for more.

After a (very) short break, Joydrop graced up with two more. Cocoon and their breakthrough single Beautiful made up their encore.

This may have been their first show as a band in 15 years, but they promised it would not be their last, so add their tunes back onto your playlist, go give their brand new Facebook page a like, and be on the lookout for some more show announcements. Perhaps one could even hold out for some new tracks?

Natalie and Dave are Worn Leather Media, and do wedding, travel, and portrait photography. They are based out of Banff Alberta, and are now booking for the 2017/2018 season.

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