This week in anticipation of the “When The Lights Go Down Tour” kicking off, we had a chance to chat with Jess Mokaluke. She’s a busy woman and was just heading out of an airport when she took the time to answer some questions for Sound Check.

You may know Jess as the 2014 CCMA Female Artist of the Year, or for her current Juno nominations for Country Album of the Year and Breakthrough Artist of the Year, or from her newly released single “Night We Won’t Forget”, or maybe you’re an old school fan who’s been following Jess on YouTube since the start of her channel. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the YouTube channel you should. In addition to her current and past hits you’ll find amazing covers and some “hidden gems”. There are videos of Jess doing a makeup tutorial or bathing her dog (he’s such a good boy!) and they give us a glimpse into her real life and make us love her more.

Now I’m going to confess, my recording of Jess’ interview crashed when I ended the call. Some days are like that. I made lots of notes but I do not have the transcript for you. Nevertheless, I do have lots details for you, and I’ll try to come as close as possible.

The When The Lights Go Down (WTLGD) Tour kicks off in Summerside, PEI on Wednesday, March 4th and ends in Nanaimo, BC. The tour is a whirlwind of 27 dates in month!

Highlights – for all of Jess’ hometown fans, there will be stops in Regina and Saskatoon and for our local readers, not to worry, there are plenty of stops in Ontario.

They’ll be travelling right across the country and stopping at venue near you. You can check out the tour dates here.

When The Lights Go Down Tour

SC: Is there anywhere on the tour that you’re really looking forward to visiting.

JM: “I’ll be coming pretty close to home which is great but I’m really looking forward to seeing the country from coast to coast.”

Headlining the tour is Chad Brownlee and filling out the bill is Bobby Wills, I asked Jess if she was the only female on the tour and if the testosterone levels were a little high.

JM: [laughs] My tour manager is female but yeah, I’m kinda used to it. My band is all guys. I can handle it.

SC: I love the new video. Did you have a favourite costume? Jess Moskaluke Night We Won't Forget Video

JM: I was dreading the 80’s look but I think it might have ended up being my favourite part to shoot.

SC: I liked the way it moved through time and when it started in black in white, I thought, I love that look. Then you move to the next time period and I thought, I love that one too! I really liked it.

JM: Thanks I felt the same way about the costumes, each one getting better and better. You never know how it’s all going to come together when you see it on paper.

SC: I get all of your updates from your Facebook Page and I have to ask, what are you building and I love that photo of you by the way.

JM: Thanks! We’re building a house. It’s almost done. We’ve spent the last few nights in it.

SC: Will it be done when you get back from touring?Jess Moskaluke Light Up

JM: No, there will still be the little bits to do.

SC: Congratulations on being included in the Juno Songwriters’ Circle. Is this special to you because it’s about the songwriting?

JM: I’m honoured to be a part of it. It does make it feel special. I’ve been really focusing on the writing lately.

SC: Well, you deserve to be there.

JM: Thanks

SC: What’s your favourite downtime activity?

JM: Just spending time alone. I love people but sometimes it feels like I can’t even go to the bathroom alone [laughs]. I like to get in a tub and just relax. And when I’m not alone, hanging out with my friends is great.

SC: Last question, what’s the last thing you listened to?

JM: I was driving to the airport and had the radio on Big Dog 92.7 listening to Kira Isabella’s “Shake It If Ya Got It”. I love that song and Kira!

Thanks to Jess for taking the time to talk with us and, good luck to all the MDM Recording artists, Chad, Jess and Bobby on the tour.

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