Our friend Jason Blaine is at it again. Known for his extremely emotional tribute to his grandparents, “They Don’t Make Em’ Like That Anymore”, today he releases an equally powerful, and sentimental tribute to the bond between father and daughter…simply called “Dance with My Daughter”

The song is the 12th track on his hit album Country Side.  The video is a very personal one for Jason as he shared in a Facebook post this morning:

“This might be one of the most personal songs I’ve ever recorded. I wrote this song as a simple gift to my daughters but decided to make it a bonus track at the last minute. Since the release of this record I’ve been encouraged and inspired to share this song with the world and I’m very proud of the way this video has captured the pure & special love between fathers & daughters. Special thanks Phil O’Donnell for producing this song with me and to Director David Pichette of MainStage Multimedia, Casadie Jo Pederson and all of the dads & daughters who are the true stars of this video. Finally, an extra-special thanks to my own daughters Grace & Sara for inspiring me to write this and for making me shoot a music video for “their song”.” – Jason Blaine

Checkout the video below: