SoundCheckLogo-WebsiteHeaderFor the past 4 years Sound Check has gone from a small seasonal blog in the Ottawa Citizen to a full fledged entertainment magazine.  

Last year I made a decision to take a risk and split from the Ottawa Citizen.  I had no budget, and only my hopes and dreams to guide me.  With some help from a friend I had the Sound Check Blog website developed.  It was simple and not too flashy but it worked.

The past year has seen Sound Check evolve the most.  The team has grown from just me to writers and photographers in Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick.  We have developed strong relationships with some of Canada’s biggest record labels and management companies and we have new promotional agreements with some of the biggest festivals across Canada.

All of this change meant it was time for our online presence to evolve as well.  After a few months of planning we were ready to make the leap.  Today we are thrilled to say farewell to Sound Check Blog and say hello to a new beginning as Sound Check Entertainment, the online magazine.

Today I’d also like to formally welcome Corey Kelly as a partner in Sound Check Entertainment, his work in the last half of 2014 has been invaluable to our success.  He has invested his time and money and has proven that Sound Check means as much to him as it does to me.  Together we will take Sound Check Entertainment into the future.

As we kicked off 2015 we promised bigger.  To date we’ve delivered some big news and some big contests. We’ve got some contests coming up in the next few weeks that are bigger than ever!  Be sure to keep watching our Facebook and Twitter accounts so you don’t miss out and don’t forget to invite your family and friends to come and like us too!

So who’s ready? On behalf of Corey, Alberta, Trish, Sophie and myself, thank you for helping us get to here and we hope you’ll join us on this next step on our journey!