As we wind down our features on the 2016 Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase Finalists we feature Toronto’s own Jesse Gold, the second of only two cowboys in the running this year.

Jesse Gold

Jesse Gold

7 Questions with Jesse Gold

#1: Being selected as a finalist for Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist is a big deal. One of the 7 of you will perform on the Main Stage at Boots and Hearts this summer.  Describe the moment you found out you made it? How did they contact you? Where were you? and has it sunk in yet?

I found out via email, which was exciting in itself.  I called my mom right away and told her the news. She couldn’t hear me because she had bad cell reception. So I hung up and just felt the excitement on my own.  I’m still telling people the amazing news. Can’t wait to get to work, and put something incredible together for Boots & Hearts.

#2: Every artist I’ve spoken to has a story about how / when they decided to purse music as a career.  Describe the moment that you knew that music was the path for you and what inspired you to take that path.

There was no one defining moment. Music was always just the thing I did and I haven’t stopped doing it.

#3: What’s your all-time favourite movie?

Anything with John Goodman

#4: Your ideal brain food?

Goldfish. The cracker. Not the fish.

#5: If you could see any artist in concert, who would you see (living or dead)?

 I need to see The Rolling Stones!

#6: Name a fictional character most like you?

Elliot Hamtown. I just made him up. But we are very similar.

#7: Why should you be chosen as the 2016 Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase winner?

 My live performance will stand out from the others. I have a ton of fun on stage and I won’t hold back for Boots & Hearts.  I live and breathe country music. I think that will show when I take the stage.

Jesse Gold

Jesse Gold

If you want to learn more about Jesse be sure to check him out online at his website, like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to vote for Jesse to help him secure his performance slot during the competition at Boots and Hearts you can do so until June 24 at