Friday evening, September 8, The I Love The 90s Tour brought it’s show to Kingston and Rogers K-Rock Centre. It was funny, before even entering the building, there was a buzz among the crowd that you don’t often see at a concert. The atmosphere of excitement was there. You could hear the pulse of the bass from well away from the building. I must confess, I was not much of a Hip Hop fan in the past, but I can still appreciate the art form and the fans were certainly into it. The largely female audience was there to re-live a piece of their youth and experience some of the music many of them likely grew up with.

C&C Music Factory, Rogers K-Rock Centre, Kingston. September 8, 2017

Young MC, Rogers K-Rock Centre, Kingston. September 8, 2017

Rob Base, Rogers K-Rock Centre, Kingston. September 8, 2017

The opening sets were to be 15 minutes in length, but they packed a lot of excitement into their short time onstage. The night started off with C&C Music Factory. Currently, C&C consists only of Freedom Williams but nobody seemed to care about that and loved every minute of the set. Next up was Young MC. The energy seemed to ramp up for MC as it did for each act throughout the night. Following Young MC was Rob Base whom the crowd seemed to be waiting for. Through all this, the crowd never stopped singing and dancing.

Salt’n’Pepa, Rogers K-Rock Centre, Kingston. September 8, 2017

Next up was one of the headliners, Salt N’ Pepa. When they took to the stage, the crowd was ready, I don’t think there was a chair in the place being used any longer. It was plain to see why these ladies are still touring after over 30 years together.

Vanilla Ice, Rogers K-Rock Centre. September 8, 2017

The main headliner for the evening was anticipated by all and just to increase the tension a bit, he was just a little fashionably late. Vanilla Ice took the stage by storm and never looked back. It was easy to see why the “Ice Ice Baby” singer was anticipated so much. The way he interacted with the crowd was what struck me, he came across like a nice guy. After the first song, he asked that the spotlights be turned off. He didn’t want to be up there singing for people he couldn’t see, he wanted to be more intimate than that. As he sang, I watched the people around me and nearly everyone was singing along with his songs, enjoying every moment.

Vanilla Ice, Rogers K-Rock Centre. September 8, 2017

Even though I hadn’t listened to a lot of this kind of music before, it was hard to be around that many people having a great time without it rubbing off on you. I Love The 90s show was a great success in Kingston.

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