It’s being called one of the most Canadian Grey Cup’s in many years and what better place or time for it to happen than Canada’s Capital as part of our 150th Anniversary celebrations.The event wrapped up an incredible week of entertainment that brought thousands of visitors to Ottawa, and we were there for all of it.

Lionyls perform at the Grey Cup Tailgate party photo Renee Doiron

The party started early in the afternoon with a couple of Tailgate parties featuring performances by more Canadian artists including the Lionyls and Busty and the Bass.

Busty and the Bass perform at the Grey Cup Tailgate party in Ottawa photo by Renee Doiron

After the parties all attention turned to the Stadium at TD Place where the 105th Grey Cup would unfold, what followed was one of the most exciting and Canadian Grey Cup matches in recent history.

Choir Choir performs that national anthem at the 105th Grey Cup in Ottawa photo Renee Doiron

Things kicked off with Choir Choir performing the National Anthem while heavy snow fell around them.

Shania Twain arrives on a dog sled at the Grey Cup Halftime show in Ottawa photo Renee Doiron

By the time the halftime show came around snow was falling on the stadium which made for a spectacular entry by headliner Shania Twain on a dog sled.

Shania Twain performs during the 2017 Grey Cup Halftime Show in Ottawa – Photo: Renée Doiron

Shania’s performance was one for the memory books as well. Having fought through personal and physical problems over the last few years including a battle with lyme disease that almost took her voice Shania returned to prove once and for all that she and she alone is the Queen of Canadian country music. Don’t forget if you didn’t get to see her live at the Grey Cup Shania Twain is about to embark on her massive Shania Now tour which kicks off in 2018.

Argos Cheer Team getting the crowd and their team pumped up before the Stampeders players warming up at the 105th Grey Cup in Ottawa photo Renee Doiron

The Toronto Argonauts went on to ensure the Grey Cup would remain in Ontario with a thrilling, come from behind victory, over the Calgary Stampeders.

Stampeders Outriders joined by CFL cheer teams from Hamilton and Edmonton perform at the 105th Grey Cup in Ottawa photo Renee Doiron

What an end to an incredible week at Lansdowne Park. Congrats to the entire 105th Grey Cup Festival committee on a job well done, we were thrilled to be a part of this amazing event and look forward to covering the 106th Grey Cup Festival in Edmonton in 2018.

We’re still going through all of the photos from this past week so watch for a final wrap up post of the 105th Grey Cup Festival in pictures later this week.

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