Back on a chilly night at the end of January, I was lucky  to be one of maybe 100 people to sit in on a taping of, “The Drop”, on CMT. This night was all about Gord Bamford’s upcoming release, “Tin Roof”.

After the small crowd shuffled into the historic Aeolian Hall, in London, it was time to get rolling.  Jesse Mast warmed up the crowd with a couple of tunes. He is going to be someone to watch this coming year with his recent release to radio of, “Bad Blood”.  You won’t want to miss him on the Certified Country Tour this summer with Gord Bamford and Joe Nichols.

With a quick run down on what was going to happen from the show’s director, producers, and the crew from CMT, it was time for all of us in the intimate crowd to put on our TV faces and get ready to be a star. Wait, who am I kidding, the real star was Gord Bamford.

Without giving too much away of what happened that night, because we want you to catch the show, let’s just say you won’t be disappointed.  (LINK TO WATCH ONLINE HERE)

Gord and his band were very engaging with the small crowd, having a few chats here and there, along with playing a couple of requests. There was a moment where he asked the crowd what his next single should be. All I will say about that is the song I chose didn’t make it, however, I think closer to summer he will be releasing a cottage and camping anthem, which will includes two of my favorite things, breakfast and beer.


After about an hour, the director yelled out the famous words, “that’s a wrap!”, and now it was time for Gord and his band to have a little fun for the small crowd that was there. We got to hear some classic Gord Bamford songs, and it felt like we got to let loose and enjoy the evening. There was a great rendition of, “Don’t Stop Believing”, by Lisa Dobbs, who plays bass in Gord’s band. The band was rocking and having a good time.

The night had to come to an end, however, but not without Gord spending a few minutes signing some autographs and taking a few photos with the fans who were lucky enough to score a spot on the guest list that night.



Bill Woodcock / @BillWoodcock