Algonquin Commons Theatre played host to an intimate acoustic set with George Canyon and Rory Gardiner. The theatre was pretty full considering the Monday night show paired with the wild day of weather, and those who were in attendance were excited to be there.

George Canyon at Algonquin Commons Theatre. Photo by Els Durnford (@elsdurnford)

Ottawa’s own Rory Gardiner kicked off the night, making the large room feel small. He played a few songs of his own, then broke into a few covers, Ed Sheeran, TLC, and Shania Twain to name a few. His stage banter was funny and interactive as he asked for requests from the audience as he neared the end of his set. For his original songs, Rory shared the stories behind them, laced with humour he shared stories of his family and kids. Making the set that much more special for the audience, who were eagerly awaiting the headliner.

Rory Gardiner at Algonquin Commons Theatre. Photo by Els Durnford (@elsdurnford)

When George took the stage, the intimate crowd felt the love from the musicians on stage as George raised the house lights so he could see everyone who came out to be at the show. Originally from Pictou County Nova Scotia, George is quite the storyteller. He began with sharing that all of his acoustic shows are treated as kitchen parties, a well known gathering in the Maritimes that he assured everyone knew included participation to the fullest. He started the kitchen part off with some Johnny Cash, and continued in to stories of where his journey as a musician has taken him (including being an official Calgary Flame), and where stories of his family, particularly his son who is currently attending St FX University in George’s home province of Nova Scotia.

George Canyon at Algonquin Commons Theatre. Photo by Els Durnford (@elsdurnford)

All in all it was an intimate night at Algonquin College filled with warmth on a cold Monday night in Ottawa. Fans from all over came out for a relaxing night of music and both musicians delivered just that. You can find Ottawa local Rory Gardiner performing around Ottawa and surrounding in the coming weeks, and George will be heading back out West to continue his tour.