Death From Above 1979 is easily one of the more unique mainstream acts of the modern Canadian music era. The bass and drums combo make a lot of noise which sounds deceptively full. A distinct vocal frequency coupled with a dastardly heavy bass and synth attack are par for the course at any DFA show and a recent show at the Bronson Centre was no exception.

Death from Above at Bronson Centre. Photo by Els Durnford

Playing familiar cuts from previous albums, the dynamic rhythm duo kept a captive audience grooving and bouncing. The true challenge of the show was differentiation. If you are a die hard fan, no doubt you can anticipate song choices and lyrical undertones, but to the passive fan their performance could prove repetitive and less distinct after the 40 minute mark.

Death from Above’s Sebastien Grainger at Bronson Centre. Photo by Els Durnford

Overall, as someone who gets lost in the heavy hypnosis of power thrusting and thirsty rhythm assaults, I have little criticism to offer. They bring their A-game, they inject humour, and they pulverized their audience.

Joining DFA were Toronto rockers, The Beaches and Sebastien Grainger’s side project, American Lips.

This show was presented by Spectrasonic in Ottawa, for more details on upcoming Ottawa shows visit

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