Back in October Dylan Black introduced me to a young lady named Danielle Allard.  Danielle was about to embark on the process of recording her début solo EP and Dylan, knowing our passion for promoting and discovering emerging artists, was hoping Sound Check would be able to do a feature on her to help spread the word.  I listened to a few tracks that Danielle had on YouTube, liked what I heard so I wrote the feature.  Last night that album, Chameleon, was officially released and what a night it was.

Talking to a few of the guests and many were there to support a local talent but many had no idea what to expect musically.  Prior to going out last night, also in my preview post, I had listened to the audio for the track “Little Demons” (it also happens to be the first track on the album) so I had a very good idea of what lay ahead and was excited to hear more.

The second Danielle took to the stage and started singing everyone in the room knew that we were watching someone started down the road towards superstardom.  With songs like her amazing cover of “Careless Whisper” to “Shipwrecked” (I got goosebumps when she performed this one) she had the audience in the palm of her hand.  She capped off the night and with some help from the audience performed “Little Demons”, everything was perfect.  Talked briefly to a shell shocked Danielle after the show, when I had my copy of the album signed, and it was clear that everything about last night were still very much surreal and it would take a few days to sink in.

Long before Chameleon was complete we heard the piano version of “Crown”.  I am thrilled to have the official music video for the song, the first off of the album.

You can catch Danielle live this summer at any of the following events, you’re going to want to check her out!

TD Ottawa Jazz Festival – June 26

Mountain Man Music Festival – June 27

For more information on Danielle and how to get your own copy of Chameleon (you want this EP) visit

UPDATE: Chameleon is now officially available for download on iTunes!

Special thanks to Dylan for the introduction and to Danielle for inviting me out last night it was a pleasure to be in attendance for such an important event!