So, the hottest name in Canadian country music these days has to be Dallas Smith.

Dallas has had one hell of a 2015 and it just started!   I caught up with Dallas today and here is what we chatted about.

Sound Check:  Welcome back to Ontario and congratulations on the big #1 song Wastin’ Gas, how does that feel?

Dallas:  Ya,  Thanks so much, it’s not as cold out I don’t think today but ya glad to be back.  It’s a tough club to get into with Canadian’s being a #1.  It feel’s great, it was a long time for us and we had been eye balling this one for a while and finally the stars aligned for me and It feels great to be part of that club.

Sound Check:  I know that Adam Craig, Matt Dragstrem & Jon Nite wrote that one and the last time we talked you mentioned how great it was to have writers trust you with their songs.  Any idea how those guys feel

Dallas: You try to make the best our of a collaboration, make the best team for a song.  Its definitely a win/win for this #1.  They want people to hear the song as much as possible and its the same goal with me.  So ya there ya go!


Sound Check:  So the Tippin Point Tour has had 4 dates out East and you have 8 here in Ontario.  You have already sold out dates on the Ontario legs that’s gotta be pretty exciting?

Dallas:  Ya its nice to know its sold out before you even roll into town.  There is usually 100 tickets left or something and you hope that people walk up to the door and make it an official sell out.   I am hoping that the ones that aren’t sold out yet, do sell out.   But ya rolling into town and knowing that a bunch of these are already sold out a couple of weeks back is just great.

Sound Check:  Well, I know tonight in Belleville at The Empire Theater is sold out so good start to the Ontario leg of the tour.

Dallas: Ya, Tonights sold out to, thats great looking forward to it!

Sound Check: So, maybe tell us what its like touring with the duo from Kentucky “Sundy Best” on the Eastern Swing of the tour?

Dallas:  Sundy Best,  Ya when my booking agent asked me about these guys and suggested it.  I thought only a couple guys and we want to get the crowd pumped up and how are two guys going to do that.     And then I saw them play down at IEBA in Nashville when we played.  They blew me away. these guys are super entertaining.  The guys are very witty and funny on stage and the crowd on the East Coast just loved them and don’t think will change here in Ontario.

Sundy Best

Sundy Best

Sound Check:  I had a chance to talk to Kris from Sundy Best a couple of weeks back and the support they have on social media is pretty outstanding.

Dallas:  Ya they are very personable guys,  their just taking the time to get to know everyone and they are really good dudes.

Sound Check:  And then you have Charlie Worsham joining you in Thunder Bay and then will do the rest of the Western Swing with you.  Have you had the chance to play with Charlie before?

Dallas: Ya, that’s right Charlie will join us for the Western dates of the tour starting in Thunder Bay.  And no actually I have never had the opportunity to play with Charlie before but I hear he puts on a great show and am really excited to have him hop on board.

Sound Check:  Ya I saw Charlie open for Brad Paisley on his last tour through Toronto and I can tell ya Charlie is one hell of a guitar player.

Dallas: Awesome should be fun.

Sound Check:  So back in November when we last chatted you mentioned some key festival dates that you were excited about.  Guess the cat’s out of the bag now with Boots & Hearts, Cavendish Beach Festival, Craven Country Jamboree and Big Valley Jamboree have all been announced.  That’s a hell of a start to a summer.

Dallas: Ya, we got some big ones.  Big Valley Jamboree is one I haven’t done before so we are happy to be out there. Then Cavendish we played a couple of years ago, one of the first festivals we played out there.  Actually one of the first shows we ever played as a band and there was always talk that we wanted to get back out there ASAP we really just love that place.  And Boots and Hearts, can’t go wrong with Boots and Hearts it’s a great festival love that one.

Sound Check:  Well I know Tim (Hicks) said it’s always better to play the “Big Boy” stage at Boots and Hearts so that will be a blast I am sure.  I know when you headlined the Kick Off party last year it was unreal.

Dallas: Ya, it was fun it was a good time.  I think we did the main stage at like 2pm the first time we played Boots and Hearts the first year of the festival.  Ya, it’s a big boy stage at 2pm but not with the big boy stage numbers (chuckles) so looking forward to playing for a full crowd on “Big Boy” stage this year.

Sound Check:  So, you have the new Album Lifted, maybe tell us how  the response been from the fans>

Dallas:  I am really proud of the new 6 songs we added to the Tippin Point EP.  I spent a lot of time on these songs and I am really proud of them.    No matter what it does I am extremely happy but our of the gate it has been doing really really well.   I am at the point of my career now, where I have been doing this for 15 years and I spent the first 10 just stressing over how the song was going to do.  But I have come to learn if you spend the time to try to make a great song then you can just sit back.  As long as you know it’s getting played on radio then I don’t worry about cause it will just do its thing.     I try to be a little more relaxed about it and trusting on what Joey and I have created as far as material and let it do its thing.

Sound Check:  Maybe tell us what its like working with Joey Moi (Producer Nickleback, Florida Georgia Line)

Dallas:  Ya, you know every time I work with Joey the bar is raised.  We always start at a better spot, when we start our newer song.   We try and push even further and be more creative.  I only think our stuff is going to get better and better as long as my voice is letting me do the stuff I want to do I think its going to become more challenging and more interesting.

Sound Check: So we touched on your Canadian Dates, what about hitting the US this summer any plans?

Dallas:  Ya we got a lot of US stuff coming in not sure much has been announced yet.  But ya we do have some pretty big festivals.  I have already warned my wife that this summer is going to be busy and ya better get the baby ready to come out on tour cause I won’t be home much that’s for sure.   Lot’s of stuff in the US and in the fall we are hoping to turn our attention to a longer tour down there.   Ya, it’s just awareness  at this point down there, its working in Canada for me.  I am a firm believer that music has no borders and that it’s all about awareness so I gotta get down there and make people aware of what we do with Country Music in Canada.

Sound Check:  Thanks a bunch buddy!  Great hooking up again and we always appreciate.

Dallas:  You bet happy to do it.

Don’t Miss Dallas Smith’s Tippin Point Tour currently cutting its way across the frigid Northern tundra.  Click here for tickets.

Corey Kelly / @CoreyKelly76

Dallas Smith

Dallas Smith