Canaan Smith will be back on Canadian soil later this summer to promote his latest body of work Bronco released June 23rd where ever good music is sold.  Canaan will be at the 4th annual Boots and Hearts Festival being held this year just North of Toronto in Oro-Medonte.   I had a chance to listen to Bronco over the weekend and have to say I was impressed.


I do wish Canaan would have opened the album with the 2nd track Stompin’ Grounds i find it just has a great beat and seems like it was meant to be a an opening track title and all.   From the catchy lyrics to the foot bumpin its just one of those tracks that makes you want to listen to more.  Stompin’ Ground is followed by the first single off Bronco Love You Like That which has seen huge success on both sides of the border.  This is one of those tracks that you can hit repeat on likely 3 or 4 times before you need to move on.   Huge fan of this track and after seeing him perform it this past April in Toronto have to say I am looking forward to it on the big stage at Boots.

When Canaan was in Toronto this past April I had a chance to sit down and talk about the new album and performing live see my interview here.  I can tell you that he loves playing to his fans and when the fans sing back he promises there isn’t a feeling like it.   And this single just has the ladies singing at the top of their lungs nightly I am sure.  While talking to Canaan he mentioned that Bronco was going to give him a more diverse live show, which I can see why this would be the case.   This isn’t just a beer drinking album, it’s an album with a few layers.  That comes up with track Stuck (not my favorite) just feels like he is channeling a little to much Keith Urban in this one. It will add something to the live show I am sure as it slows things down.    With the back half of the album having solid tracks such as American Muscle, Two Lane Road and the title track Bronco.  Canaan put together a pretty solid album its tought to put a full album together in the day of the digital single.  But Canaan buddy you did good.  We hope that you can ride this Bronco to #1.  Check out more on Canaan bleow.

Corey Kelly / @CoreyKelly76

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