We listen to a lot of music, some good, some bad, some really bad and sometimes once in a while we come across an artist or a song that has a certain quality about it that makes them, or it, unforgettable.  It’s the type of song that you can’t just listen to once.  Most recently, Bridget Leigh, a young lady from Daytona Beach Florida sent us a tweet with a link to her song “Driveway” on Spotify

I first played the song while on the road last week and it has since been added my regular playlist.  The song has a happy, bouncy, magical quality to it.  I encourage you to give her a listen, I have a feeling you’ll be adding “Driveway” to your playlist too!

For more on Bridget visit her at any of the following links:

Website: www.bridgetleigh.comFacebook, Twitter, Instagram