Ok… With only days to go.  Literally 3 sleeps to be exact. I thought I would just give you my first two days and what I believe are the top NOT TO MISS artists.   As mentioned in my Kick Off Party post a couple of days back I am really looking forward to seeing Old Dominion for the first time.  With the singles like Dirt On A Road, Shut Me Up & Break Up with Him already doing so well at radio south of the border.  I am hoping that these guys come back later this year and do a few dates in Ontario. And really think they will be one of the big surprise sets of Boots this summer.

Next up I am going to go south of the border again and stay with Thursday nights line up.  Noll Billings and the boys from BlackJack Billy bring the party.   Having had a chance to see these boys on a couple of occasions myself I just love the performance these guys bring.  And I know when Jeff Coplan kicks into Got A Feeling on Thursday night and the 30,000+ thousand sing it back we know its going to be party you won’t want to miss.   And the new summer anthem they released Why God Made Summertime (Lyric Video Below) it should be a night to remember for both Blackjack and the crowd.

Next up is The Road Hammers in the #1 Spot for Kick Off Party #CantMiss.   If you were at Boots last year you will know that the boys had there set cancelled due to the crazy storm that seemed cancel a few sets that night.  Luckily we get to see the Hammers headline the Front Porch Stage on Thursday Night.    If you have read the site over the last year or so you will know that The Road Hammers were my first interview at Boots and Hearts last summer and its seem like a pretty strong media / band relationship since.  We have covered over 4 shows that Hammers have done over the last 12 months.  You will also know we are fans and these guys are a can’t miss in your face, buckle up kind of band.  You will be sure to raise your glass and hell knows what else when these guys hit the stage.

Going to move my attention to Friday, on a day where I have prior commitments and won’t be in attendance I can say there are the 3 sets I would personally not want to miss.

Small Town Pistols hit the stage on Friday at 2:30 PM on the Main Stage.  I am a bit disappointed they got such an early set time for the Main Stage as this duo really knows how to bring it.  With years of experience both Tyler & Amanda have a catalogue of songs that will fill ht 50 min set without any issues.  And I am sure there will be a couple of times you look at your friend and say, They sing this?  Yup they do… Great Canadian Duo I would put on the top 3 list.

Next up on Friday’s “CANT MISS” list is Maddie & Tae.  After seeing them a couple weeks back in London, Ontario there set really is a solid 45 min of great tunes.  I know with most people only knowing the big hit Girl In a Country Song you may wonder why they would make a top 3 list of of Can’t Miss for Friday.  But I think with the cover songs they do in their set along with a couple other VERY solid songs it would be well worth your while to catch the girls on Friday at 4pm on the Main Stage.

The other can’t miss was a tough one as I am really trying to limit these to 3 a day.   BUT.  Justin Moore is one hell of a performer and I am going to have to lean-to him as the big one you won’t want to miss on Friday night.  Don’t get me wrong Brad Paisley puts on one heck of a show and gets the crowd goin’.  But I just feel after seeing Justin open for Miranda Lambert last summer his little longer set will be one for the books.  His performance last summer at Molson Amphitheatre was so personal / heart-felt I am really curious if that was a special night for him or does he kill it every show!

So that’s what I have for Thursday and Friday night.  I know some of you will have your opinions and would love to hear what your top 3 are daily.

I will have our Maddie & Tae interview posted sometime tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that beauty.

Lookin’ forward to meeting some of you fine folks at Boots on Thursday.  #BootsLife

Corey Kelly  / @CoreyKelly76