If you have been listening to Canadian Country radio over the last say 2 or 3 months then you have defiantly heard the hit single BLAME by the very talented Autumn Hill.    My wife and I actually listened to this album together and we were both in awe of how solid it was from start to finish.
From the first track Anchor with the big sound it welcomes you to the album and sets a pace that seems to fit from the start.   Even as Tareya sings the opening lyrics of Anchor “This feels like a good place to call home” she seems to convince you in such a short run of words that maybe this is the start of something AnchorCovernew for Autumn Hill and that this track was only the prelude of whats to come.  This is only the duo’s 2nd album and both Tareya Green & Mike Robins seem to have matured far beyond the 18 months between the  albums.  Don’t get me wrong Favorite Mistake was a great EP / Album with 7 tracks such as Fire and Anything At All.  But to think in the short 18 months since that album was released what the duo has been able to achieve in sound is impressive.   From the current hit single Blame to my absolute favorite song on the album is Mixed Tape the album has it all.  I can honestly can say from the first time i heard Mixed Tape I was hooked.  It just felt like it was written for me personally. From the songs they reference to the memories that were brought back. It felt as though in just one song they I was taken back to high school and making that mix tape for that special someone of the week.  The first 6 songs on the album are full throttle and you wonder if this one is just full of high energy, big sounding music.  Then you hit track 7 Good Night For Going Nowhere and the album shifts.  A little slower and from each song forward it slows a bit more.  This is a great thing for a couple of reasons as a listener and fan.   1st it allows a more dynamic live show it gives you peaks and valleys in that live show that I feel a lot of artists struggle with.   This album will boost the already fantastic live show that Autumn Hill put on.   This folks is a solid album.  And sure its great to read that I liked it, but honestly take a listen for yourself.  If you like it let us know.  We have teamed up with Universal Music Canada, Wax Records and of course Autumn Hill to giveaway this once in a lifetime opportunity.  To be a part of the audience at the CD Release Party for Anchor in Toronto June 24th @ Adelaide Hall in Toronto.

Autumn Hill will debut some of the new songs for everyone in attendance and will also spend some time with some of the select winners.    We have 5 pairs of passes to the first 5 people who send us a Tweet, Facebook Post or comment on Instagram with a picture of you and the album / download and tag Autumn Hill in the post.   The fist 5 automatically get 2 Passes into the show.  And will be notified my Sound Check.

Watch all of our Social Media outlets (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook) for more chances in the coming week to join us kick off Anchor in Toronto!

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